cavendish square

Address: L 42, Cavendish Square, Dreyer St, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708
Phone: 021 683 4546

EyeQ Cavendish is located in the well-known Cavendish Square mall in Claremont, Cape Town. Head down to the ground floor near the escalators to find our glasses store, where you will find a comprehensive range of eyecare services and products at your disposal. At EyeQ Optometrists Cavendish we offer one of the largest selections of designer and fashion eyewear in the Western Cape, our store has an on-site optical lab to offer a quick ( often within the hour ) turnaround time for glasses and lens fabrication as well as a broad assortment of branded sunglasses, frames and contact lenses.

Our professional team of Optometrists and consultants are always available for an informal chat or to provide our bespoke, comprehensive eyecare services, no matter what your needs or requirements. We are always happy to provide professional advice, guide you in finding the right glasses for you or suggest a stylish pair of sunglasses that would suit you.We pride ourselves in being approachable, easy going and professional, so why not come on down and talk to us? You can find the location of the EyeQ Cavendish store in the map below, otherwise if you prefer, give us a call on (021) 683 4546 and we will provide you with directions over the phone.
EyeQ Cavendish boasts easy access, good parking and a wide selection of sunglasses, frames and contact lenses. What more could you want from an optometrist?

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stylish sunglasses

Cavendish Square is home to a selection of high end, fashion boutiques, amongst them EyeQ Cavendish offers a wide range of sunglasses styles to suit everyone’s personal taste. You can pick out a pair of sunglasses and then find the perfect outfit to match, or you can purchase a pair of glasses that will complement your every look or mood.

We stock men’s and women’s sunglasses from a selection of respected designers, including Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Tom Ford. For those who enjoy the sportier side of life or love spending time at the beach, we also have Oakleys, Ray Bans and Maui Jims. Our sunglasses ranges are constantly updated ensuring you the latest trends and all the newest collections.
You can protect your eyes in style, and our friendly staff can help you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses, and if you require them in prescription form our optometrist team are able to assist with advice about prescription lenses that can be specially fitted to your chosen pair.

in house optometry service

At EyeQ Cavendish Square you can pop in, have your eyes tested, choose your frames and have your glasses ready and waiting in an hour. It doesn’t get more convenient than this, and we strive to make looking after your eyes accessible and easy to fit into your schedule. Our on-site lab is able to make up your spectacles and as a progressive optometry practice, we pride ourselves in a fast turn around time with minimum hassle and maximum results.

We’re open 7 days a week and our eye examinations are designed to not only cover the requirements for a prescription, they also address any health concerns and can pin point issues that you may experience now, or later on. Utilising  state of the art diagnostic and imaging technology, we offer a comprehensive eye care experience that covers a full spectrum of eye health issues, including glaucoma, colour vision, dry eyes, depth perception and visual field screening. Often, early detection can have massive benefits, and at EyeQ we help you look after your eye health in every way possible.

If you need new prescription glasses or simply want to update your current frames you’re sure to find what you’re looking for, as we stock a wide range of different labels, including Oliver Peoples, Garrett Leight, Lindberg, Mykita, D&G, Armani, Chanel, and Gucci to name a few. You’ll find classic frames, contemporary frames and all the latest designs from the world’s hottest fashion houses.

cutting edge contacts and eye care

EyeQ optometrist Cavendish Square also caters for anyone who enjoys wearing contact lenses, or who likes switching between glasses and contacts for the ultimate in visual freedom and convenience. Our optometrist is able to talk you though the different options and help you choose between disposable and long wear lenses, and explain the pros and cons of soft and hard lenses. We stock daily, weekly and monthly disposable lenses, bifocal lenses, soft, hard and gas permeable lenses, and astigmatic lenses. We have everything you need and can also assist with fittings, cleaning and servicing.

Alcon, Johnson and Johnson, Bausch and Lomb and CooperVision are just some of the contact lens brands we keep in stock and we also have an array of cleaning and eye care products for all your requirements.
Pop into EyeQ optometrist Cavendish Square and we’ll meet all your optometry needs quickly, easily and professionally.